Aboriginal Community Elders Service (ACES)

  • Completed strategic and operational planning with the Board and Managers.
  • Undertook at review of the HACC Program.
  • Provided support and advice for accreditation.


Assisted the ACCD and HealthWest to develop a detailed proposal for funding a large-scale, strategic program for decreasing the incidence and impact of diabetes in Melbourne’s west.

Banyule Community Health

Developed a clinical leadership and clinical supervision model for the organisation. Juliet Frizzell Consulting was subsequently engaged to review and redevelop the organisation's Early Intervention in Chronic Disease Program.

Baroona Healing Centre

Developed Policy and Procedures Manual for the Baroona Healing Centre.

Brimbank City Council

Assisted the Council to develop its Active Service Model Action Plan, and Juliet Frizzell Consulting was subsequently engaged to undertake a review of the Council's HACC intake and assessment policies, procedures and systems.

Bubup Wilam Early Learning Centre

Worked with Bubup Wilam to develop a health and wellbeing model to complement its education program.

Bunjilwarra Service Model Redesign

Redesign of the Bunjilwarra Service Model to support recommissioning of the service.


  • Assistance to be compliant with the Child Safe Standards.
  • Planning day for AOD programs.
  • Conducted a review of the Youth Residential Rehabilitation Service.
  • Conducted a review of the After Hours Program.
  • Conducted a review of the OT Centre Based Assessment Pilot.
  • Conducted a review of the Early Intervention and Chronic Disease (EICD) Program.
  • Conducted consultations with staff across the organisation to inform the Counselling Review.
  • Conducted focus groups in support of the allied health discipline reviews.
  • Conducted a review of the Gold Directed Care Planning Strategy.
  • Providing consultancy support to the Service Access Model Project.
  • Assisting with a review of Central Intake to support changes to aged care and disability funding.
  • Numerous submissions and tenders.

Dardi Munwurro

  • Develop Program Model and Program Logic for Aboriginal Men's Residential Healing Service funded by the Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation
  • Business Plan and Workplans
  • Facilitated inaugural strategic planning day

Dardi Munwurro

  • Undertaking a three year evaluation of Ngarra Jarranounith Place - the residential Aboriginal Mens Healing and Behaviour Change Program
  • Assisting the team to develop Practice Standards and a Facilitator Training Program for the Aboriginal Men's Healing and Behaviour Change Program

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Commissioned to research and write an Expert Paper on the Role of Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations in Victoria to inform the development of the Victorian Plan for Aboriginal Children and Young People 2010-2020.

Department of Health, Aged Care Branch

Reviewed the HACC Training Funding Model and developed a proposal for the future funding of HACC training (with Linda McCrorey from Enhancing Quality Services).

Department of Health, HACC and Aged Care

  • Facilitated the ASM Co-location workshop.
  • Facilitated the ASM Consultants planning workshop for 2012/2013.

Department of Human Services, Aboriginal Children and Families Unit

Engaged to facilitate a series of workshops (2009, 2010 and 2011) between ACCO CEOs and DHS Child and Family Welfare Managers, to develop an agreed approach to implementing Section 18 (Guardianship) of the Child, Youth and Families Act.

Department of Human Services, Community Programs

Reviewed the North and West Metropolitan Region's Creating Connections Youth Homelessness Program.

Doutta Galla Community Health

  • Evaluated the inter-disciplinary collaborative practice teams and associated changes

Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network

  • Developed a set of Operational Guidelines for the three Partners in Recovery Programs in the catchment.
  • Developed an Operational Manual for Mental Health Stepped Care Model.
  • Numerous workshops.

Frankston City Council and Mornington Shire Council

Assisted the Councils to evaluate the trial of a catchment wide Living at Home Assessment Tool.

Frankston Mornington Peninsula Primary Care Partnership

  • Mapped assessment, care planning and referral processes, systems and tools across the catchment.
  • Support for Strategic Planning and the changing health and community services environment.

Gippsland Lakes Community Health

Developed an organisation-wide Model of Care, covering service delivery from primary prevention to tertiary intervention including health promotion, early intervention, treatment and maintenance.


  • Evaluated the Cultural Self Identifcation Card.
  • Evaluated ASM in HACC Project.

Hope Street Youth and Family Services Inc

Undertook a review of Hope Street's youth residential and outreach programs.

Hume Region Closing the Gap in Health Advisory Committee

Assisted the Hume Region to develop its Closing the Health Gap Plan. Juliet Frizzell Consulting also provided advice and assistance to the Eastern Metropolitan Region and the North and West Metropolitan Region Closing the Gap Advisory Committees to support the development of Closing the Health Gap Plans.

Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local

  • Evaluated the Expanded Settings for Clinical Placement project.
  • Developed a planning paper for the Older Person's Health and Wellbeing Reference Group.
  • Undertook a mapping project of the Residential Aged Care Facilities and Supported Residential Services in the catchment.
  • Assisted the Clincial Unit to develop a new mental health model.

Koori Court Unit

  • Undertook a review of the Koori Court Officer role with Jason Rostant Consulting

Link-Up Victoria

  • Undertook an evaluation of Link-Up Victoria.
  • Assisted Link-Up to develop a number of partnership agreements and MOUs with its key government and non-government stakeholders.
  • Assisted with operational and business planning.
  • Assiting with the development of a Family Research Information Kit

Loddon Mallee Aboriginal Reference Group (LMARG)

Developing an Aboriginal Aged Care Strategy for the Loddon Mallee.

MacKillop Family Services

Assisted MacKillop Family Services to develop an Aboriginal Action Plan to support its implementation of the Building Respectful Partnerships Framework.

MacKillop Family Services and VACCA

Supported the partners to develop and implement an Aboriginal Traineeship Model.

Melbourne Citymission

  • Reviewed the Youth Homelessness Alliance Western (YHAW).
  • Developed a practice framework for youth refuge in Victoria.

Metropolitain Aboriginal HACC Network

  • Conducted a mapping project of the primary health and aged care needs of Aboriginal people in metropolitan Melbourne.

Metropolitan Aboriginal HACC Network

Facilitated the Network's planning day and assisted with the redevelopment of its terms of reference.

Moorabool Partnership

  • Client Journey Reablement Case Studies

Moorabool Shire Council

  • Developing a business case to support decision making around the delivery of aged care and disability services
  • Undertaking a review of the social support and senior citizens programs

Mornington Peninsula Shire

Undertook a review of the HACC team Pilot.

My Aged Care and NDIS Readiness

  • Assisting a number of organisations to prepare for and implement My Aged Care and NDIS.
  • Supporting agencies to prepare Applications to become an Approved Aged Care Provider.

N&WMR Aboriginal Strategic Governance Group

Undertook the preparatory research and consultations for the development of the region’s Aboriginal Services Plan in conjunction with Russell Jaffe Consulting.


  • Assited the WIPO Network to develop a framework to support the achievement of the goals in the NACCHO 10 Point Plan.
  • Assisted the SEWB Workforce Units and RTO to develop a Business Case for the program.
  • Faciliated a national Workforce Planning Workshop.
  • Faciliated Board Strategic Planning Workshop. 
  • Numerous submissions.

Neami National and FMP Mental Health Alliance

Developed the Mental Health Community Support Services Action Plan (2015-2018) for the Frankston Mornington Peninsula Catchment

Njernda Aboriginal Cooperative

  • Strategic Planning for family services with DHHS.
  • Supported Njernda to develop policies, procedures and systems to achieve accreditation with the Quality Improvement Council (QIC).
  • Developed a policies and procedures manual for the Social and Emotional Wellbeing Unit.
  • Developed a policies and procedures manual for the HACC program.
  • Faciliated Yakapna Health Centre review of policies and procedures.
  • Developed the 2012 - 2015 Strategic Plan with the leadership group and the Board.

North and West Melbourne Primary Care Partnerships

  • Conducted an end point evaluation of the Koolin Balit strategy

North and West Metro Region Closing the Health Gap Advisory Group

Assisted the Advisory Group to develop and document an integrated model of care to be trialled and evaluated.

North and West Oral Health Leadership Group

  • Business Case

Northern Melbourne Medicare Local

Evaluated the Homelessness Oral Health Access Card trial

Northern Melbourne Medicare Local Partners in Recovery Consortia

Assisting the partners to develop a set of Operational Guidelines to underpin the Partners in Reocvery Program.

Partners in Recovery

Assisted three consortium in Victoria to develop governance arrangements and a service model for the Partners in Recovery program


Assisted PivotWest and its primary care partners to develop a Medicare Local Tender.

Primary Health Network

  • Assisted a Victorian Primary Health Network to prepare its business processes for ISO 9001 and develop a compliant  Quality Management System

Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative Ltd

Assisted Rumbalara to develop a strategic plan, business plan and operational plans for each unit.

Southern Peninsula Youth Hub Consortia

  • Developed a Business Case for the establishment of an integrated Youth Hub on the Southern Peninsula at Rosebud

Tenders and Submissions

Recently completed tenders, grants and submissions, written for:

  • Aged Care Approval Round (ACAR)
  • Aged Care Provider Approvals
  • Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services
  • Community Mental Health
  • Department of Social Services Grants
  • Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS)
  • Koolin Balit
  • NDIA tenders
  • Numerous tenders for new and recommissioned services (Commonwealth, states and territories)
  • Partners in Recovery
  • Primary Health Networks
  • Services Connect Funding
  • Suicide Prevention Services


  • Assisted the Kinship Care Team to develop their Operational Plan.
  • Undertook a review of Southern VACCA child and family services.
  • Assisted managers and staff in each Unit to redevelop their Operational, Business, Quality and Risk Managment Plans.
  • Developed operational manuals for fleet management, human resource management, financial management and administration.
  • Assistance to review and redevelop the Strategic Plan and Business Plan.
  • Project Managed the implementation of the new organisational structure.
  • Assisted the Early Intervention and Family Services Unit to implement program plans and quarterly business reporting.
  • Undertook an analysis of how the training unit could support child and family welfare agencies interested in implementing Building Respectful Partnerships.
  • Providing project management assistance to establish the new Eastern office, including the development of corporate and program systems, protocols and manuals.
  • Assisted with the development of a program manuals for Lakidjeka ACSASS, and the programs in Integrated Family Services.


  • Developed a Strategic Plan and reporting framework with the Public Health and Research Unit.
  • Developed the Ealry Years Scoping Paper.
  • Engaged to assist VACCHO Units to undertake strategic and operational planning.
  • Develop the Aged Care Strategy Paper for VACCHO.


Assisted the VAGAS program to develop a system to record and report on program performance to the Department of Justice.

VAHS Community Programs

Assisted VAHS Community Programs to review and redevelop intake, assessment, care planning and exit policies, procedures and systems

Victorian Aboriginal Health Service

  • Supporting the organisation to achieve accredition under the National Standards for Safety in Health Care, including the establishment of a Quality and Compliance Committee and a Clinical Governance Framework
  • Facilitated the in-service Transition Planning Workshop with the senior management group.
  • Undertook the review and redevelopment of the intake service at Family Counselling.
  • Assisted the Adult Mental Health and the Financial Wellbeing teams to develop Operational Plans.
  • Assisted the Medical Service to retain RACGP accreditation in 2009 and 2012.
  • Undertook a review of the Financial Wellbeing Service.
  • Asssited the Community Programs Unit to develop an ASM Action  Plan.

Viney Morgan Aboriginal Medical Service

  • Assisted the Health Team and Social and Emotional Wellbeing Team to develop individual Workplans.
  • Assisted the Medical Service to achieve RACGP accreditation with AGPAL.
  • Assisted with the development of the 2012-2017 Strategic Plan.

Viney Morgan Aboriginal Medical Service

Assisted with accreditation in ISO 9000, with VACCHO.

Western Metropolitan Youth Partnerships Alliance

Evaluated the Access and Service Coordination Project (Stage 1).

Western Metropolitan Youth Partnerships Alliance

Evaluation of the Western Metropolitan Region Youth Partnerships Access and Service Coordination Demonstration Project (Stage 2).


  • Benchmarked team leader roles and total remuneration.
  • Benchmarked general manager and program manager roles and total remuneration.

Yappera Children's Services

Engaged to undertake a review of Yappera's IPSU and IPSP programs.


  • Consultations and data analysis of Bunjilwarra to inform the development of an engagement strategy to support program delivery and growth.
  • Developed Managing Feedback and Complaints Policy and Procedure.
  • Developed Investigations Policy and Procedure.
  • Developed a number of policies and procedures to support Youth Participation across the organisation.


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Telephone: Work0419 89 2440
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